Tuesday, 25 July 2017

How Maui slow the Sun - Sa Kae

 I have created a comic strip using dialogue to show a scene from How Maui slowed the Sun. I used Storyboard that to create this. It was quite hard to find the characters to use because they all had clothes and shoes on which wasn't how Maui dressed.  I think I did a good job on this comic strip. 

Duffy Assembly

Today is the first day of term 3. After lunch Panmure Bridge School had Duffy Assembly. There are only 8 people in LS2 that were in the hall. When we went to the hall we first started singing the Moana song  (how far I will go). Then we another song and that is bruno mars uptown  and then we start the Duffy show. Then they sing us a song and then we started singing too. It was really fun having the visitors in Panmure Bridge School and watching the Duffy shows. Thanks to the visitors that came to Panmure Bridge School and sharing us some ideas about reading. The people that went to the hall was Joshua V, Ma'ata, Jay-Don, Fatongia, Hajera, Miki, Viva and Me. 

Monday, 10 July 2017

Winter Learning Journey - Bonus Activity

For this winter learning journey activity I had to write a description about this winter learning journey 

What I learnt: By doing this I have learnt a lot's like place that I go and I also learnt what is the name of the Maori greeting.

What I like about the trip: Learning new things

What I didn't like: I like every activity in here.

What was surprised me: Things that surprised me was the name of the greeting. Because I didn't know it before.

Winter Learning Journey - Activity 2 Day 7

For today activity I have to take a photo of me self of doing something relaxing that I like to do. And that is drawing. I find drawing is relaxing for me that's why I take a photo of my self drawing my name. Another thing is, it is fun. I have draw my own name on the paper. What is you relaxing things to do?

Winter Learning Journey - Activity 1 Day 7

For this activity I had to write down a list that can help to keep our neighborhood clean. Three thing that can helps us is: Put some sign out, put more bin out, pick up a rubbish not even yours

Winter Learning Journey - Bonus Activity

Today I had to watch three different videos about All Black haka. I have to put them in order like 1 is the best and 3 is the worst. Here is the video

Winter Learning Journey - Day 6 Activity 2

For this winter learning journey activity I had to read about the Matariki Festival at Te Papa and I have to choose three events to write about on my blog. These three events that I pick was:

  1. Matariki Highlights
  2. Kaumatua Kapa Haka 
  3. An Indigenous Event of National Identity

Sunday, 9 July 2017

Winter Learning Journey - Day 6 Activity 1

In today activity I had to write a poem about being scared. I have to pretend that I have never been to New Zealand and I have no idea where to go expect.

This is my poem:

I felt scared by the time I got on the Waka.

People looks so happy expect for me.

People were talking to each other while I was keeping an eye on myself.

My heart was beating when I stand up.

I was so scared and nervous when I got off the Waka.

Winter Learning Journey - Bonus Activity

For this activity I have to say if I like to go cycle the Otago Rail trail for one day. I would say yes! Because it sound like lot's of fun and another thing is I like to cycle my bike that I have at home. It will be exciting for me to cycle the bike for 150 km long.

Winter Learning Journey - Day 5 Activity 2

Today I had to create a DLO on  famous person from New Zealand. I decided to choose Richie Mccaw. He is the player of All Blacks. I had to find out the name of the person that I am doing, why are they famous, where they born and two interesting about him.

Winter Learning Journey - Day 5 Activity 1

For this activity I had to write a short story. I had to pretend that I got lost in the forest and I had to write 8-10 sentences about what might happen tomorrow.

It was a nice sunny day. My friends and I decided to go for a walk. We were passing the forest and I saw a beautiful bird to take a photo and I went into the forest. When I looked back I see that no one is there. I was lost in the forest by myself! I was looking for help but I couldn't get any help. At the time of sun set I felt lonely and scared. I was looking for food and drink but sadly I couldn't found any. It was time to sleep, so I try to sleep but I couldn't I heard a noise. So I went to looked to see what is was but I couldn't see anything. In the morning I was very hungry. I was looking for I way out but I couldn't remember the way. Then I looked in frond of Me and I saw a group of people, then I walked to see who was it, I have notice that was my friends, it was very happy time of my life.

Winter Learning Journey - Bonus Activity

For this activity I had to come up with my own opinion about people fishing in Farewell Spit. I think the people should ban the people that is fishing there. I think the people should go fishing somewhere. Because if they still fishing there their will be no Hector's Dolphins there. 

Winter Learning Journey - Day 4 Activity 2

Today my task was to watch a trailers of a movie called Whale Rider. Then I had to write a short summary of the movie and rate it out of five.

This movie is about a girl twin brother was suppose to become the next chief in the tribe. The boys dies when he was born and his sister are still survives. Only mans were allowed to become a chief. The custom was changed as the brothers dies but the sister are survives. I give this movie 2 out of 5 because I think this movie is okay for me.

Winter Learning Journey - Day 4 Activity 1

For this activity I had to read a site named Farewell spit. It was about whales swam on to the beach by accidentally and couldn't get out. My task is to find out what did the local people did try to save the whales. The locals did these things:

  • The local try to put the buckets of water on the Whales.
  • They try to put some towels on the Whales.
  • They try to push the Whales back into the water

Saturday, 8 July 2017

Winter Learning Journey - Day 3 Activity 2

For this Winter Learning Journey activity I had to read about how people are trying to kill the Possums. From my opinion I have to give three reasons why I think the Possums should be kill. I think the Possums should be died because.

  1.  The Possums are damaging the native trees.
  2. They are eating the kokako egg and kokako chicks.
  3. A Possums eats 21,000 of leaves and flowers just in one night. That is a problem because as you can see if they eat 21,000 for a night, what I would happens to the plants is there will be no leaves and flower in the forest.

Winter Learning Journey - Day 3 Activity 1

For this activity I have to choose one of the animal that I would like to adopt. I decided to choose Kea. And I have to find out some facts about the animal. Here are some facts about Kea.

  • Kea is a parrot.
  • The Kea are 48 cm long.
  • They can eat meat and plants.
  • They live in native forest in South Island, New Zealand

Winter Learning Journey - Day 2 Bonus Activity

For this activity I had to interview someone from my family and ask them what their five favorite things to do outside. I decided to choose my big brother. I don't have any sister so I just choose my brother. 

  • He likes to go out with his friends.
  • Driving cars.
  • He like going to the swimming pools with his friends.
  • He likes to do some sport with his friends.
  • He also like to go to the beach.

Winter Learning Journey - Day 2 Activity 2

For this activity I had to interview Laura Dekker. And I have to write five questions that I would ask her. This is a video of Laura Dekker.

  • Have you eaten anything?
  • What age did you start sailing?
  • What's your favorite hobby?
  • Who else like to sail in your family?
  • How many brother or sister do you have?

Winter Learning Journey - Day 2 Activity 1

Today I have to look at three places for my activity. And they were Rangitoto, Karekare beach, Tane Mahuta. Then I have choose one place that I enjoyed visiting and I have to explain why. I choose Karekare beach because it has a beautiful waterfall and it is a great place for you to explore ( like going for a walk )

Winter Learning Journey ( Bonus Activity )

Today I have create a flag. My task for today is to create my own New Zealand flag and when I have finish I have to take a screenshot that my flag. I try my best and have create a flag. The site is called flag Designer .In my flag I have included a star, a sign that look like wrong cross. I have use colours in my flag and they are red, black and white. The stars represent the star on New Zealand flag. Black and white represent All Black. As you know United Kingdom have a red on their flag so I decided to put it on to my flag.

Winter Learning Journey ( Activity 2 Day 1 )

Today I started working on my Winter Learning Journey. This time my task was to choose five activities that I like from the video that I have watched. 

  •  Mission Bay for a walk
  • Sky Tower
  •  Fish tank to see some awesome things.
  • Whitaker ranges 
  • Rainbows End

Winter Learning Journey ( Activity 1 day 1 )

Today I have started doing the Winter Learning Journey. Today I started off with some activities. The first activities was to read facts about New Zealand and write down three interesting fact that I found. One of the facts I found interesting was how Maori people greet each other. Did you know that hongi is the greeting name of Maori. The second fact was that Rugby is the national sport of New Zealand. I did not know that hiking, camping, fishing, bush and beach walk are the most popular things that New Zealand people like to do.

Friday, 7 July 2017

Term 2 Reflection

This term I have learned lots and had a lot of fun along the way. In maths I have learned my 6 times table time and 3 time tables. In reading, my group learned how to recycle, and what items can actually be recycled. I have learnt that plastic bags never break down and that I should be more careful about the items that we throw out. In writing we have been looking at personification, and I also learnt what personification means. Personification means giving an object human characteristics.  In inquiry my group learned about how to look after our planet. I can look after the planet by doing the right things. This term for kiwi sport we have been doing some Tae Kwon Do. In Tae Kwon Do I have learnt how to kick, punch and discipline my body. In Kiwi can we have been learning about integrity.

The Duffy Books

Yesterday LS2 were getting their Duffy books in class. I think I will be reading my book That I got in the holidays. I choose this book because I think it is interesting for me to read. This book is called eva see a ghost. Last term I got a book named eva treetop festival. I like to read these book because it is easy for me to read and understand.

Getting My Excellence and Innovation Badge

Today at Assembly Me and Joshua V earn a badge each. I was getting my Excellence and Innovation Badge and Joshua V was getting Respect. Well done to Joshua V for earning his Respect badge. This is my second CARE award badge that I have.  For next badge I think I am going to work on my Attitude CARE award. Their is only two badges for me to make four badges. I hope I will get all four badges by the end of the year.

Thursday, 6 July 2017

Haters and Trolls

 Today I have created a DLO about haters and trolls. This learning is for Cyber Smart. In my DLO it have 5 tips that can help you when you get bully online. The first thing is to delete,block and unfollow the person that have been bullying you. The second thing is to ignore the person. Then don't reply to the bully person. Other thing is to report them. The last thing is to take a screenshot of the message that they send you.

Tae Kwon Do

Today I had made a DLO about Tae Kwon Do. Tae Kwon Do is our sport for this term.  In my DLO I have put some photos of  group A doing Tae Kwon Do. Thanks to our instructor Master Steve Pellow for teaching us. 

Tamaki warp

 Yesterday some people from Tamaki warp came to Panmure Bridge School to talk about some plastic. Frist we went to the hall and get into our four groups. My group went to a table that have a paper in front of us and in the box it have some rubbish to go with. We start cutting the rubbish and we glue the rubbish onto the paper. We task was to make a big rubbish rugby field. This is how much we throw away for a week. Our next table was about plastic in sea. When we throw our plastic away it goes out to sea and the animals that live their might eat that. Our next tasks was to make anything we want but it can't be plastic. Then we glue them on to the paper. I was gluing some shopping bags on to the paper. Then we move to other table and it is all about nature. We had to find some photo and cut them and glue them on to the paper. This is a DLO about plastic. Today I worked with Sky. Thanks to people that came to Panmure Bridge School and tells us lot's of facts about plastic and rubbish.

Compare and Contrast

 On Monday a group of people were worked with Anderson.  We were learning about  Matariki and Chinese New Year.  We were Comparing Matariki and Chinese New Year.  Frist we started making a Venn Diagram Comparing Matariki and Chinese New Year. Then we compare Matariki and Chinese New Year to see what is similarities. Then we compare Matariki with Chinese New Year to see what is the difference between Matariki and Chinese New Year. Then we started making a photo side about Matariki and Chinese New Year. Today I was worked with Joshua V and Jona Dana.