Monday, 27 February 2017

How can I become Agent of Change

 Today for inquiry my partner and me created a DLO about How can I become Agent of Change. In my DLO me and partner have written how can we become agent of change. We were learning about what is agent of change and how can we become that.

E-ako Math

Today in math I was learning my place value. In place value I am learning my time table and the name of money. Sometime I didn't get them alright but I try my best to completed. When I get it wrong I try again. To move to other side I have to make them all right so that I can move to other one. So far I'm I only need three more point then I can move to other one .It was fun playing and learning in e-ako.

Friday, 24 February 2017


Today in tech we made salmon kebabs and potato salad. We first got into groups. I had to take out all the little bones with tweezers, and then I had to cut off the skin and cut the salmon into cubes. Then we put some water in the pot so that we can put the potato into it. After that we cut out the potato and put it in the pot. While the potato are cooking in the pot we put the egg  into the pot to make it cook. Then one person cut the green onions, while one person doing the onions one person cut out the tomatoes into cubes. When they all done we mix them together. Everyone likes to eat and have fun making the kebabs to. Thanks to Mrs Heka that showed us how to make it.

Thursday, 23 February 2017

E-ako Math

Today I started playing on E-ako math. E-ako is an a math games that you learn your time table and place value and other things. For today I am working on my place value. Playing on E-ako is fun and great to learn our math too.

Tuesday, 21 February 2017

What is a River

 Today for Inquiry my group have created a DLO about what is a river. The people that are in my group is Brooklyn and Shakaia. For today I learnt mostly about rivers. The word that in the box is explain what is a river. In the map it have some word and arrows and they are to show where the place is and what they are.

Friday, 17 February 2017

The Water Cycle

For inquiry my group made a DLO about water cycle. We were learning about is water cycle and what it is. The people in my gourp are Daniel and Lyndon. We also learnt how do the Condensation,Precipitation,Collection and vapour what dose it do. Well, it just keep going and going. It is not stopping. We all work hard and write down what do we know about the water cycle.

Getting My Respect Badge

Today In Assembly a group of people get some care award. I also get my Respect Award too. This was my first Care Award badge. Also great work to people that got a badges. Some people gets Confidence, Attitude and Respect.


Today year 7’s and 8 ‘s start tech to Tamaki College . The year 8’s were in the food tech. In food technology we were learning how to make a cake. The teacher that teach us is Mrs Heka. We first get into group it can be two, three or four. The people in my group is Zahra, Nazella and Oh Hsen. We all had a job to make a cake. We first start baking our bread and then when that is done we put the bread into the cupcake pans. Then we have spaghetti, cheese and pineapple and mix them all together. Then put all the mixes into the bread that in the pans then bake it and after that you can eat it. Everyone were having fun baking cake and enjoy eating.

Water Care With Sally

This week we were learning about Water and how to take care of the water. The teacher that teach us is Sally. She tells all about Water and she also showed us what happens when you put some in the sink. Sally also showed us how did the water from. Thanks to Sally that tells us all about water so now we can keep out and do the right thing.

Thursday, 16 February 2017


Today LS2 had kiwi sport. The sport that we played is futsal. The coach that teach us is Martin. In futsal we were learning about how to play futsal and what is the different  futsal and soccer. In the soccer whens the ball is out you can throw it in but in futsal you can only kick the ball. We first started playing flag tag. All we had to play is take out others flag from their pocket  and run away from them. The second game we played was King and Queen in the ring games. In this games we each had a ball with the ball we had to kick out someone ball then they are out we also have to look out for people that going to kick our ball too. For the last games we played number games. In the games we have given out a number and when Martin says a number that we have then we have to run to the ball and pass it to the people that are in our team. My favorite games was the 1st games and the last games.

Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Maths in 2017

Today I play Maths games on  Transum. On Transum I played Beat the clock. I have to write down the answer that matches the questions. I started at level 1 and made my way through the other levels. Sometimes I didn't get all the questions right but I tried my best.

Tuesday, 7 February 2017

PBS Care Values

Today LS.2 year 7 and 8 look at some Panmure Bridge care values. We have to get in group of year 8's and 7's. In my group was Magenta, Jorja, Viva, Shannon, Joshua, and Christopher. In our group we have to write what does it mean?, What might it look like in LS2? , and what are out care values?. After that we have to take photos of us doing an example of the C.A.R.E values. The C.A.R.E values stand for Confidence, Attitude, Respect, Excellence and Innovation.

Saturday, 4 February 2017

Video(Care Award)

This week I have chooses to work on my Attitude care. In this video it had how to walk down the stair. So that no one gets hurt. By watching this video I hope you will learn something about  the stair