Thursday, 27 April 2017

Reduce Reuse Recyle

Today we have been looking at what is reduce, reuse and recycle means. I have written what they mean and what they are. Reduce mean using less, reuse means you are using it again and recycle mean to turn something that can be use.

Wednesday, 12 April 2017

Te Oro presentation

Today most of the classes from Panmure Bridge School went down to Te Oro. At Te Oro we walked around to see what the other School's had done for Te Taiao O Tamki. Panmure Bridge School first watched performance from our school. Next we went upstairs to look at Glen Innes primary to see what they have done. They had some games to play on their netbook or you can draw some picture that they showed you. The next school that we went to was Tamaki Primary. The Tamaki Primary area had lots of photos about their school and a video about the Tamaki River. Everyone enjoyed watching the performance from our school. 

Tuesday, 11 April 2017

Writing Instructions


Today in writing my group was learning how to write a set of Instructions. For today we had to put the sentence box in the right place in our DLO. We had to use the scribble tool to find all of the verbs in our sentence box and circle the verb.

Monday, 10 April 2017

Math Strategy

In maths my group made a DLO to show the best strategy to use for the question 21 x 15 =.___
 We worked as a group and managed to answer this question by skip counting, adding and using place value.

Friday, 7 April 2017

Teaching a group - Confidence CARE Award

A week ago Me Jay-Dan and Joshua are teaching some kids to play a games. .We have decided to choose a games called crocodile. This time I have decided to work on my  Confidence CARE Award.

Food Technology

Today we were finishing off our pies from last week. Our group made mince pies. Today I worked with Oh Hsen. We used two different kinds of pastry. One is for the top and the other is for the filling.Then we rolled our pastry and filled the pie with our mince filling from last week. After that we put the cheese in and covered with the pastry and put it in the oven. Thank you to Mrs Heka that showed us how to make a pie. I think everyone enjoyed making pies this week. 

Thursday, 6 April 2017

Math Strategy


This week my math group have been learning about math strategy. The strategy that I use was repeated addition. We had a question about water and we were trying to work it out in our thinking group. The people in my group is Savelina, Fatongia, Jona and Lyndon. I liked working with them because we all shared our ideas.

Tuesday, 4 April 2017

Duffy assembly

Today we had an Duffy assembly in the hall. So first we went to the hall and we wait for the other classes to come over. When the other classes are here, we started our assembly. First I saw some people coming into the hall, they are our visitors. The visitor that came to our school is Filipe Manu, Bow, Donna, Madison Nonoa and Katherine McIndoe. First they tells us about they self and how did they started reading and how. They are a singer. They sing us a song that they have learnt. At the end of the assembly Madison,Katherine and Filipe hand out some box of Duffy book. Thanks to the visitors that came to Panmure Bridge School. I hope that the visitor have great time coming to Panmure Bridge School.

Learning to give clear instructions

Today in writing my group was learning about  how to write a set of  instructions. We worked with a partner who had to draw a picture without showing it to us, then give us clear instructions for us to draw the same picture as they had. 
Instructions needed to be simple and easy to understand and in time order. We have person A and person B, for the time I chose to be person A.