Friday, 29 July 2016


Today we play games called join Quiz. I like playing join Quiz games because it help me with my time tables. In this game we have to do fast as we could.

Buddy reading

On Friday we have Buddy reading with room four,three. Rooms four and three came to LS2 to come and read a book with LS2 people. When Rooms three and four get in to LS2 we have to chose a people to read with. I chose a girl. We have to read to them and at the end of the story they have to tell us what happened in the story.

Thursday, 28 July 2016

Book Character

Here is my class, LS2

                                    Here is                                         a                                          Bunny

This week is Book week so we have to dress up a Character. All the teachers and students have to wear a character from a book. At the end there was a rabbit came and the rabbit give us a me message. I really liked the part when Gangsta Granny came up on stage and was making everybody laugh. But the most important thing about this parade is so the juniors can see the life of books come ALIVE! I think this is really cool because I love reading myself. We all had a very great time and had a sausage sizzle too. My favorite costume at the parade was my teachers Mrs Nikers because she had a lovely black dress.

Here is Gangsta Granny!

Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Advertising and Language features

My group was doing a dictation challenge. My group said they had to write down all the words off this paper on the window and copy all the words as quick as possible. They said another team plus them won the challenge and I was really proud of them. After that our teacher gave us another challenge, which was to write in our own words what advertising was (as seen above).

Monday, 25 July 2016

E-ako Math

Today I did some math called E-ako. I am learning place value.  It was fun learning my place value. When I finish doing my place value then I check my answers to see if it right or not  

Monday, 4 July 2016

Life Education

Today year 7 went to Life Education in the van. We learning about our Displaying IMG_1488.JPGbody. Our teacher was Mrs Nicole. Mrs Nicole show us what is in our body and what it look like. We met BOB he show us what is out heart look like.


 Today I did my reading. In this reading I have to go to the shop using 5,6 or 7 steps  in each one. I start with Taking rubbish to the dump. It is hard when I first did it, but eventually I got the hang of it. I has to reach every destination in order, YAY I love reading. Reading is so cool!

Story Starters

Today I wrote a story about a million years old screenwriter who wins the lottery. I also drew a picture to go with my story. When I first got to the website I have to write  my name and I chose what I waned to do. I chose to  do the million years old screenwriter who wins the lottery because I think this story is fun to write.