Friday, 15 April 2016

Word Cline Challenge

Today I do the can do's.I pick this can do to do.

Word Wall: un

This week I did the word wall. I have to find in dictionary to help us. I had to find word start with UN.

Word search Puzzle

This week Friday I play Word search Puzzle. In the game I had to find the word it start with UN. It is a little hard to find. It is fun to play.

Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Letter from the trenches

This is my letter from the trenches. We were learning how the soldiers in the trenches felt.  We were posing as a soldier from World War One in the trenches and how he would have felt when he wrote home to his family.


This is my reading for this week. It is about ANZAC day

One strange night


One strange night

William had been sitting in the hard chair all night waiting patiently in the front room for any sign of movement, or a sound that would tell him that the rat was back! Outside it was cold and windy. The only noise he could hear was the wind shaking the leaves in the trees. Then the lamp began to wobble and the table fell over onto the floor. William jumped up off his chair, he grabbed his chair and put it above his head ready to smash the carpet. The rat dies when William smashes the carpet as hard as he can. William doesn’t have to stay up to catch the rat anymore and he can go to sleep happily. He is glad that the rat is not here anymore.

This is my writing that I did for this week.

Tuesday, 12 April 2016

ANZAC poppy

ANZAC poppy

Three things I know about the ANZAC poppy are:

Some countries wear a poppy on 11 November) but New Zealand wear a poppy on 25 April it is the ANZAC day.
They wear poppy to remember people who died in war.  
In New Zealand the poppy is most often worn around Anzac Day
Image result for poppy flower

This is my Reading for this week. This is about poppy. I had to write three things about poppy's. I did this with Ma'ata.

Monday, 11 April 2016

E Ako Math

This is E Ako Math that I'm learning for this week. I am learning about place value. I am learning to put the right number in the right place but some place I got it wrong and some place I got it right. I enjoy doing the eako math 

Friday, 8 April 2016

Elephant Toothpaste

This is the Elephant Toothpaste.  This is about Elephant Toothpaste. We have to write what did we think and what thing that we use. At the end it feel very hot. I think it will be went very high but it didn't went high.  


On Friday LS2 went to tech. In the tech years 7 was in the cooking room and years 8 was in the art room. We are learning how to make mango  up side down cake. Today we mango make up side down cake. everyone like to eat. When we at the tech we have to go in our groups. People in my group is Zahra, Nazella and Oh Hsen. Some group only have 2 people  in it. In my group there are 4 people in it. It was fun making cake for today. To make upside down cake we put tow egg, sugar,floor,maple,castle,syrup,mango,butter,mango and icing sugar. We use measuring cup to put butter in. We use knife to cut a mango in my group Nazella cut the mango. People in my group like to eat the mango cake. Some people dose't like the mango. When we put all the ingredients then we mix them.

Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Exploring two point of view

Ana and I had to pick a role based on the current event called The Auckland Bus. Ana's Role was the boss and I was the bus driver. We used Bias is a point of view. It is really important to look at both sides of the story. A provocation is when you want to make an informed choice. A Provocation means an action or speech that triggers strong feelings about a topic. 

Building a deck

Building a deck

Ben and Jack are at Ben’s house, they are ready to start the next part of making the deck. They are working hard measuring then cutting the timber so it is the right length. They put all the cut pieces together and then nail them down, all the pieces are done. Finally the painting is finished. Ben and Jack are very happy, they are proud of the deck they have built together.
This is my writing that I did for this week. This is about building a deck.  Ben and Jack who building a deck.

That's Not Our Dog!

This is my Reading that I did today. For this week my book is called That's Not Our Dog!

Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Current Events Bus Strike

This is my work Current Events about Bus Strike. I learn about the bus strike and I learn that why is the bus driver want to be the leave the bus. We did this with a partner and my partner name is Charlie and Mrs Linda were helping us doing the current events.

 Link to bus strikes

Monday, 4 April 2016


This is my home work for the week. For the week my partner is Silvia for the homework. This week for the homework is The Grand Palace of Bankok

Describes the main character

Describes the main character

  • Red hat
  • Two dogs
  • Fat girl
  • Angry face
  • Sunny day
  • The park
  • Running in the park
  • Big nose
  • She is wearing blue t-shirt
  • Flower in the t-shirt
  • Hat blowing
  • Big mouth

One sunny day there are big fat girl, she is wearing a blue t-shirt, in the t-shirt it have flower on it.The girl name call Emily . Emily is wearing are red hat. Emily have are big nose and big mouth. The big fat girl is angry because her hat is blowing up. There are two dogs running in the park. In the park there are two dog running around the park.
Screenshot 2016-03-21 at 9.47.38 AM.png

This is my writing about the big monkey. In my writing I look at the picture and I writ. In the story I were using with what when why where and who. 

Describes the scene

Describes the scene
  • Running
  • Farm
  • Long grass
  • Lots of children
  • Worried
  • Trees
  • Girls and boys
  • Morning
  • Hiding
  • Look back
  • Chatting
  • Camp
  • Forest
  • Strange noise
  • scared

One morning lots of boys and girls are running across the long grass, they were leaving the forest where their camp was, but they all looked worried. They were running through the farm and one of the boys called Ben was looking behind him to see if he was being followed. He could hear something in the bushes. There are lots of other children  running, they were scared too so they went to hide in the trees. There are two girls who stopped running and are chatting to each other.

Oliver and Danny went Kayak


On day Oliver said to Danny that he want to go on camping  and go kayak and Danny said yes. Oliver were exciting to go on camping and kayak. Danny took some lunch to eat. Olivier and Danny went camping by the river.

Oliver unpacked the car and put the tents. Danny took the kayak and they put on the Life jackets on. They pushed  the kayak into the water. They got on the  kayak and  down the lake they went to go on the kayak.

They go happily on the kayak. Oliver like to go on the kayak and Danny liked it  too. Danny like to go camping with Oliver. Oliver and Danny came back to the river when they were finished  kayaking.Oliver pick up the tents. Danny pick up the kayak and put it on the car.  Oliver and Danny went home happily.

This is my writing about two boy who went to kayak they name called Oliver and Danny. Oliver and Danny went to kayak happily and Danny took some food to eat.

Math Strategy

This week Monday I did math. In the math I have to tell what I did. I had to choose one number from my book and that number is 54 and 19. In the math i am change the word to make 20.

An embarrassing experience

An embarrassing experience

At the start of the year, I was wearing my scarf to school like always and some people in my class started laughing at me because they thought it looked funny. I felt very embarrassed because I didn’t expect that people would make such a big deal about it. After a few weeks went past, people didn’t really notice my scarf because they thought I looked normal.

This week on Monday I writ a about that what am I was embarrassing. I choose to writ about my scarf. I have to writ use with what,where who why and when.

Friday, 1 April 2016

Math Strategy

On Monday I and Latham did the Math strategy. Latham help me doing the Math. We have to work it out together so that we can have the right answer. The Math that we did is take away. In the word it have take away we had to work it out.

PBS Flag Votes

This is a DLO about the PBS flag votes. I created a pie chart and a bar graph to show the statics of the votes.  I explained why I think most students in PBS voted for the current flag.