Friday, 31 March 2017

Tech ( Meat Pie Filling )

Today we had tech. In tech year 8 were filling the meat pie. The people in my gourp was Zahra,Nazella and Oh Hsen. To make a pie we use onion,mince, my gourp have vegetable OXO cubes, hot waters, oil, corn flour and soy sauce. We all have job to do, the person that get the trolley was Zahra and I was getting the cleaning things. Then we one person gets some mince and onion on the table. Nazella was cutting the onion into cubes. After that I went to get some hot water, I was getting 200ml of water using the measuring cup. Then I get the OXO cubes, then I put the OXO cubes in the cup where the hot water is. After that I get out one of the OXO cubes and put them into the cup. Then one person of each gourp had to get some corn flow and put it in the another cup of hot water. Then we get our pans our and started putting the onions into the pan to cook. Then we put the meat into the pan. Then we put it in the little box and keep it for next week.We didn't get to finish the because we were just filling the pie, that is why we are going to finish next Friday. Thanks to Mrs Heka that teach us how to making the pie.

Tennis and Futsal ( Kiwi sport )

Today we had futsal, but  for today we had to go down to the riverside and play there. The teacher that taught us for today is Martin and Neville. We have two gourp. Group A and gourp B. I was in gourp B. 

My gourp first played tennis. The teacher for Tennis is Neville. He was teaching how to play the tennis. Neville first taught us how to play the tennis and how to be safe too. After that we started with a ball and hitting using tennis rackets. Then we chose a partner, with our partner we had to get some ball and started hitting the ball to our partners. When I tried it first time I didn't get it right but we just had to keep trying. The person that I played with was Zahra. Then what we did was one person get some balls and put the tennis rackets away and throw the ball to the other person. I throw the ball and Zahra try to hit the ball. I think she tried her best to play this Tennis. When Neville say switch Me and Zahra change space. She throw the ball and I hit the ball. This was my first time to play the Tennis and thanks to Neville that taught us how to play some tennis. 

Next we played futsal with Martin. In futsal we were playing score. We first got into the terms. We have black,Red and white. My term races the white, we try our best but they win. Next we played with the black. We try our best but we lost. Thanks to Martin that taught us how to play the futsal ( score ). We all enjoy our day and have fun playing some tennis and futsal at the riverside.

Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Hall Plays

Hall Plays

In the hall, I could hear someone talking and people passing a ball. I could feel the floor between my feet. I could see many balls by the wall. I felt peoples hands passing the ball to me.

Also I hear a ball being kicked. At the end of the games I could hear some people cheering the people who were playing. As we played futsal I could hear the sound of people’s laughter and they were kicking the futsal balls all over the room.

When I heard a whistle there was suddenly silence. As I continued kicking the ball I looked at all the class photos on the walls.

Yesterday my class started writing a Recount. I was writing a Recount about Futsal. We have five minutes to plan and write  a Recount. In my Recount I have to write, what I could hear, see and feel. First I plan my Recount then put them into a sentence. I did the planing in a book. Then I have to write it on my chromebook ( computer ).

Friday, 24 March 2017

3 motivational quotes - Poster ( Care Award )


For my CARE award I chose to work on Excellence and Innovation. I chose to work on the three motivational quotes posters. The first person that I chose is Abraham Lincoln, the second is Martin Luther King and the last person is Barack Obama.

Transum Timetables

I have been learning  my time tables. I used my time tables on Transum. Transum has lots of fun tasks that I can learn.  I got to learn my time tables in 6 days.  This was for my excellence and innovation care award. 

Thursday, 23 March 2017

How to create a DLO about learning(Care Award)

Today I went to room three. When I got their I had a girl named Mckenzy. I worked with her to create a DLO about her learning. First I ask her some question and then I tell her how can she make it right. She tried her best and tell me what she was learning in her classroom. 

Monday, 20 March 2017


This is my Feedback  DLO to Nazella. We have a group to work with.  Form our group we have to choose a person and writ about them a so that next time they know what they need to work on. The person that I choose from my group is Nazella. I writ something about her and she writ something about me. I think we  writing a feedback because, so that we know what we need to work on. Now I know when I talk I need to be loud now. Thanks to Nazella that tells me what I needs to work on. The next time, I will talk loud.

People living Auckland have been ask to conserve water. Why?

On Friday Shakaia, Jorja and I  created a DLO about about conserving water.  We have written what we know about water. Our question was people living in Auckland have been asked to conserve water. Why? People living in Auckland are using to much water per a day, and it means they are not saving  water. Conserve means saving some thing.  I think we are doing this to know how to keep out water ways clean.

Thursday, 16 March 2017

What are Neurons?

  On Monday, me and my group started looking at Neurons. I have written six facts about what Neurons are. This is a picture of neurons that I drew.

Wednesday, 15 March 2017


Today I was working on my e-ako math site. For today I was working on my Addition & Subtraction. Now I have got a four cup. I hope that I could get more of the cup by the ends of the year.

Tuesday, 14 March 2017

Hit the Button

Today for math my group have been looking at some math games. For today I play hit the button. When I open it have activities for me to do like time table and other. It was fun learning my math on the this games. In this games I have to click fast as I can then when I get it wrong I have to try again.

Friday, 10 March 2017


Why My Blog Is Unique

A blog is a website where other people can see my work. My blog is unique because other people can see my work that I have posted in the many years I have been in Panmure Bridge school.

My blog journey began in 2014 and since then I have shared my work with the world over 296 times all over the world! I share my learning with the world almost everyday. When I post something on my blog, I add a blurb and label the blog post before posting it.

I share my work all over the world, this means I have to have high standards. Each post has a blurb that tells people what I have been learning about. I label each post so that my work is easy to find. For example if I post a poem, I label the post “writing”, my name, and “poem”. This makes it easier for people to access my blog post. There is also a comment section where people put feedback and feed forward.

When you post a blog post, you can comment underneath some feedback or feed forward. This helps me because I can improve in my next blog post. I love reading each comment because it has a list sometimes of each thing that I did right or a good job on.

My blog is different to other people because it is a timeline of my learning journey since I was in year five. The best part of my blog is that it can never be lost or thrown away. I have a goal of 500 blog posts by the end of the year.

Last week my writing group started  learning how to write  Explanation. We were learning how to write an Explanation. I know that Explanation first we need a title,Introduction,Paragraphs of important points in order and for the last one it is Conclusion. For this work Explanation writing I work with Ma'ata. I think I still needed to work on my Paragraphs.


Today for tech year 8's made Quiche. To make quiche we first got into our tech group. The people in my group are Zahra,Nazella and Oh Hsen. We all had a different job to do. My job was cutting up the spinach and the onions. For the ingredients we used eggs, plain flour, butter, cheese, tomatoes, onions and spinach. Nazella made the pastry, while Zahra gradually added a little bit of water into the flour and butter. When the pastry was ready Oh Hsen rolled it out and put the pastry into the foil dish. Then we put the onions first then we put spinach then tomatoes for the last one we put the mixes. Everyone was having fun make the quiche. Thanks to Mrs Heka that showed us how to make it.

Thursday, 9 March 2017


Today for math my group was working on the E-ako math. In my math I am working on my place value. It was fun learning my math and easy to learn. This was a hard but I try my best to completed.

Wednesday, 8 March 2017

The Omaru River

 Today for inquiry me and my partner Shakaia created a DLO about Omaru river. In this DLO we had to write what is Positive about the river and what is Negative about the river. Shakaia was working on Positive while I was working on negative.

Monday, 6 March 2017

Place Value Charts

Today I played a new games called Place Value Charts. So in this games it have number it, with the number I have to add them up to make the other number like, 30 + 7 = 37 that what I have to do in this games. It was fun playing this and it also easy it learn.

E-ako Math

Today for math I played a math games called E-ako. E-ako is a site that I learn my time table, fraction, and place value. For today I chose to work on my fractions times for today. To go up I am trying my best so that I can get up to next one.

Friday, 3 March 2017


For this week for Inquiry my group have start to work on Ecosystem. This is DLO is about  .In this OLD I worked with Shakaia. We have put in article one, two and three. We first read a Article one,two and three then we wrote what we think the author is telling us.