Tuesday, 22 March 2016


On Monday I played the games. In this games it have picture on it. I had to look at the picture and answer the question then I click the submit it will show me the answer that is right or wrong . When I click the wrong answer I can't go on the next one.

Online games

Today on Tuesday I played the online  games. In this games it doesn't have pictures on it but it have word on it.In this games I had to pick up answer and put it in a blank in this games. If I get wrong I can't go to the next question and  I have to stay in the question. When I get it right I get to go on the next question it will show next in the games. I like played this games I enjoying playing the game.

Monday, 21 March 2016

Space Race

Today I have learnt these new words which is Launching, Commander, and Meteor in a help of my friend June. I thought that this was hard because I didn't know those words and I didn't know how to pronounce it. This was interesting because I would get to know those words and know how to pronounce it really fast. 

Thursday, 17 March 2016

Cheer Up, Dad

This week I read book about the boys Dad were in the hospital so they took mice for Dad. I had to take pictures of the book to answer the questions in the book.

Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Online games How old are you

 Today I played games called how old are you.  Sometime I had to listen and work out the answer. It show me the picture and I had to choose the right answer. When I finish I click submit to see my answer is right or wrong. It was fun and cool to play. I'm happy to play the game.

Online games Moths of the year

 Online games Months of the year

On Tuesday I played the Months of year online games. In this game it had Months I have to choose the month that goes in the box. If I get it right I click next. If I get a wrong answer I can't go to the next one , I have to stay in that question and find the new answer in there. I have to answer how many days in the months. I enjoy playing the online games months of the years it was fun to play.

Online games Actions- Nouns

This week Tuesday I did Actions- Nouns online.  I have to Choose the word that goes into the box. In this I had to choose A,B,C or D. When I choose the word it will tell me the  right answer. I like played this Online game Actions- Nouns games it is fun.

Giggles - Syllables

This week Monday I read book about a little girl and little boy that making silly  to each other  and there Mum were not happy with them and Mum went to bed.

Thursday, 10 March 2016

Online games

 On Wednesday I played the Online games. I Choose the word that go in. In the box it have A,B,C and D. I Read the word and Choose the word that go in. In this game it have number. When I get the right word I have to go on next number.It was fun to  play the  online games. I have great time played the Online game. I like playing the online games. 

Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Pumpkin story

Pumpkin Story 

One day Robbie decided he wanted Pumpkin soup, so Dad said “Let’s plant some pumpkins.” Then Dad went outside and turned the soil so it was ready to plant the pumpkin seeds. Robbie planted the pumpkin seeds.

 Robbie wanted pumpkin soup but he had to wait for the pumpkin to grow. The pumpkin had to grow big enough to flower and then for the flowers to turn into pumpkins. The pumpkins were little then the pumpkins grew big. The pumpkins grew bigger and bigger.

 One day Robbie came to the garden to see the pumpkin and Robbie was very exciting to see that the pumpkin had got big. Robbie pick it up and took it to Dad, so that Dad and Robbie can make pumpkin soup. Dad and Robbie cooked the pumpkin and Robbie helped Dad make the pumpkin soup. Robbie and Dad ate the pumpkin soup.

This story was about  the boy want Pumpkin soup and his Dad planted the pumpkin seeds for him. They planted the pumpkin seeds and the pumpkin grew big and other day the pumpkin were big pumpkin so the boy pick up the pumpkin to Dad and they made pumpkin soup and they ate.  

Isobel Garden

 On Monday I Read book about Isobel garden. I read the book with Jorja. Our book was about old lady that have mess and the boys and there mum help to cleans the garden.

Friday, 4 March 2016

LS2 homework

   This week Friday I did the Home leaning and this week is the Mona Lisa for our homework. We had to writ about  the Mona Lisa. We writ with use with 5'W and that is  What am i , Where am i, Who uses me,when was i painting  and why am i there.

CD CyberSmart

On Monday year 7 did the CD Cyber Smart.  We had to search up the who, a who and who when we search up it come with different  websites and we search up Blue sky and sky blue and it come with different  websites and we delete the word that we don't need.

Wednesday, 2 March 2016

The Bear's and the Magpie

Today i did my Reading and the book was about The Bear's and the magpie. In the story  i was The bear's went to fishing and the magpie came and took Mother bear watch and they didn't see Magpie coming and took the watch and one the baby bear was playing in the forest and he played in the tree he climbed up of the tree and he saw Mother bear watch, he took the watch gave to the Mother the watch.