Tuesday, 5 December 2017

Google Logo Game

Today I've played a game called google Logo. At the first time I found it a bit hard because I never played this game before. As I move up I know what to do. But this game is a bit challenging for me but I try my best to move up. I got a bit stuck in the 4th games. 

Monday, 4 December 2017

Tech Reflection

From the starts of the year LS2 were doing some experience at Tamaki College. The year 8 first rotation was cooking with Mrs Heka, then we went to graphics with Mrs Ferguson. Our last rotation was Stained Glass and our teacher for the Stained Glass is Mr Grundy. In graphics I've made a clock. I really enjoyed making the clocks with Mrs Ferguson. In Stained Glass I've made a chopping knife. It was a bit challenging to make the chopping knife but I've try my best. Thank you to Mrs Heka that teach us how to cook lot's of different things. Thank you to Mrs Ferguson for showing us how to make clocks. Thank you to Mr Grundy that have been teaching us for this term. Thank you to all the teachers that teach us learn some new things this year. I had a fun year doing all those things at tech.    

Summer Learning Journey

On Friday Hazel came to Panmure Bridge School to talk about the Summer Learning Journey that is happening in the school holidays. Hopefully everyone is going to take part in the Summer Learning Journey. After the Summer Learning Journey some people will get some prizes. Thank you to Hazel that came in to panmure Bridge School and tells us some information about the Summer Learning Journey.


Last Friday was our last day at tech for this year. On Friday LS2 stayed at Tamaki College to have an experience. I was in the robotics group. I was learning about how to make the M done fly using the iPad. Me, Shakaia and Mishaan were working really hard to get the M done fly. Mr Dunn was our teacher for the robotics. Hopefully we all had lot's of fun whiling doing the robotics on Friday. 

Thursday, 23 November 2017

Fire Station

Today Me, Tai, Eric, Calvin and Maata have created a Summary about our trip to the fire station. First we were writeing down 20 word that we think that is important. Then we write down 6 word. And then using those six word we made a Summary.

Wednesday, 22 November 2017

Fire Safety Messages

Today I was learning about how to keep our house safe from the fire. One thing you should do is to check your smoke alarms to see if it work. Smoke alarms is very important to have in our house because if something is burning it will tell you and if you are sleeping it will wake you up. That's why smoke alarms are very important.

Visit To The Fire Station

Yesterday LS2 went to the Mt Wellington Fire Station for a visit. This is so that we know how the Fire service helps us in our community. When we get to the Fire Station one of the fire service were talking to us so that we know how to keep our house safe. Then we learnt what is inside in fire engine. Then we were watching how the fire services use the tools to get people out of their cars.
 .It's was very interesting to learn because I didn't know much things about fire engine. We enjoyed our time at the Fire Station and we all had fun while watching they do things.