Tuesday, 29 November 2016

Dear term 1

Dear term 1 Sakae

This year I wanted to get better at my English. I have been working on my English by reading lots of books. Reading and writing help me with my English because I am learning more words. I am proud that I learned how to swim this year. My learning is on my blog and I have posted 142 times.

I have written about what I have achieved this year and what am I proud of. I think my English has improved and I have enjoyed this year at PBS.

Friday, 25 November 2016

Hockey Session 2

This week was our second session of Hockey with Carly. We first played shark attack which helped with defending, and hitting hard.  We have to hit other people ball with our hockey stick. If someone hit our ball and went out of the space we used, we would have to sit down. When Carly said Shark Attack, each person had 10 seconds to try to hit the remaining people's hockey balls. We then had to get into our coloured stick team, when Carly said Swap we had to swap our ball with our coloured stick team. I passed to the people in the green team, who was Ma'ata, Javeylor, Oh Hsen, Sylis, Lyndon, and me. This helped us with passing our balls. After that the yellow team joined the green team and played a hockey game. When Carly would say a number (amount of people) they would run up and pass to someone and try to score. I loved the game and had so much fun. 

Athletics Day PBS

Today was the athletics day. We played so many games which included a lot of team spirit and sportsmanship. We all helped each other and encouraged everyone on. We played high jump, basketball shoot, netball shoot and shot-put and in the hall we played rob the basket. We also had some helpers from Tamaki college who guided us and helped us play.  The year 7's first played netball/basketball shoot where we had a rotation from our three team's, one team would sit out (and cheered us on) and the two other teams went on the court and shot some balls in the hoops. We all had fun and had so much team spirit in us. I think our team were being very nice and telling me how and what to do.

Thursday, 24 November 2016

Year 7 leader nominations

Today Year 7 have leader Year 7 leader nominations. We have to chose a leader for next year. They need to be confident when they are speaking. Our leader have to be following our school values. They also needs to be a good role model and smart looking.  

Tuesday, 22 November 2016

Jean Batten

For this weeks Inquiry, I have being learning about Jean Batten. We have to make a time line about Jean Batten. I have put an photo of Jean Batten and a map. Jean Batten was the first women who made a solo flight to Australia. She was died by a animal attacks. I use Lucid chart to make my time line. 

Michael Collins

Last week year 7's had inquiry. We have to chose an astronaut and make a time line about the Aviator. We first started with Jean Batten, she is an astronaut. For this week we have to chose an astronaut. I choose Michael Collins. I have choese to make my time line on the I also add an images of Michael Collins.

Compare and Contrast

This week for Inquiry we are learning about flight. I stared work on Jean Batten first then I did Michael Collins. I have write down what is different and what is the same. I only have two of the same about Jean Batten and Michael Collins. I write down lot's of word for Michael Collins and Jean Batten. I have put some photo of Jean Batten and Michael Collins. Michael Collins is an Astronaut and Jean Batten is an Private pilot.

E Group

Last week for reading we were learning about pigeons, we had to work in our reading groups, my group was Sylis, Silivia, Afu, CJ, Harry, Ana, Mere, and I. We have to write down our own opinions about pigeons. We have to write down are the pigeons special or are they pests. I chose both because in WW1 and WW2 pigeons help people by delivering mail to another but their dropping was everywhere now.

Friday, 18 November 2016

Year 7's Team Building

On Monday year 7's have Leadership. For Leadership in year 7's have a race with a cups and rubber bands. For this week I worked with Ma'ata and Jorja to make this OLD. It was fun doing the racing.  

Wednesday, 16 November 2016


On Wednesday we had art. We were learning about the artist Hundertwasser. In our art we had to include 3D and 2D houses, lollipop trees and faces hiding in the picture. First we had to draw lightly in pencil then use black vivid over the pencil. Then we used pastels to colour our picture and we had to think about the use of hot and cold colours.


Today for reading our group have being playing some games that might help with our reading. First I try a game called Visualizin. This games was about read the story and I have to find a  picture. Sometime a got right and sometime a get a wrong because this is a Sunrising.

Friday, 11 November 2016



Today in tech year 7 was working on Design Development. We have a draw what never we want. I chose to work on a pumpkin. We have to draw our design in a paper and then we have to draw the wing that we want. I chose to make a wing like a cloud.

Life at Panmaure Bridge School(Care Award)

 This week on my care award I chose to work on the life at panmure Bridge School. I have made a collage about in my school. I use some photo that I'm in it and some have my class in it. This is about Life at Panmure Bridge school.

Thursday, 10 November 2016

God Wit

Today year 7 try to use in the storyboard. Using a storyboard we have to make a comic with a Godwit picture and word that tells what are they talking about. I have made a comic about a god wit. On the first one the bird are talking about how great is the Tahuna Torea is. In the second photo they are talking about what do they like about NZ. In the last one they telling each other to get ready for tomorrow because they are fly New Zealand to Alaska.

Constable Cyrus(Care Award)

A few week ago I have been working on my care award. I have been working on my respect. In my DLO it have some photo of my class learning about constable Cyrus and I also have some information about his job too.

Wednesday, 9 November 2016


This week for writing our group have being working on hyperbole. We are learning about hyperbole. Hyperbole means deliberately used exaggeration. First we work on the sheet 1 and sheet 2 then we make a DLO that tells what is hyperbole means. Hope you like my fabulous DLO.

Tuesday, 8 November 2016

Task Card 7

Today Charlize and I did this task from the Cyber Smart game. In this task we have to write down a short word for cut, copy and paste.  Me and my friend Charilze write down the short word and why do they have to use. 

Reading Games

 Today I was practicing my inferring skills for reading today. In this Games

The Game (Video 3)

This is my DLO about Cyber Smart. Me and my friend Charilze created a DLO about Cyber Smart that ask some question and we answer the question. First we watch a  video about 10 year old girl and Me and Charilze answer the question.

Task Card 3

Yesterday LS.2  we are look at the Cyber smart games. We have to have a friend. I am working with Charilze. Our question was what are the three elements you need to include in a quality blog comment. One of my ideas were Feedback.

Monday, 7 November 2016

Plane flying in LS.2

Today we had paper plane flying in LS.2.  Our task today was forming a team paper plane and flying it to see how long it can go. Our plane flyer in our team was Gozan (although Thomas was the winner, I think), He did a great job, even if it didn't go all the way. Our learning intention was to make a paper plane that will fly the further est. What I liked about today while making planes was when we worked collaboratively as a team which made me feel very happy and joyful inside. I also liked flying our planes last Thursday out on the balcony.

Friday, 4 November 2016

Paper plane

On Thursday afternoon we had to work collaboratively to design a paper plane. We researched how to make a paper plane on google, decided on the model we wanted to make and then made it. We have group to helps each other. In my group it is Charlize,Ma'ata, Pote, CJ,Paige and Gozan. It was a silent challenge set by Mrs Anderson. Mrs Anderson did not tell us what to do  we have to look and read in our head and then we have to find our groups then we sat together. We each have different paper plane. When we finish making our paper we went outside to fly the plane. It was really fun playing with the paper plane. 

Respect song(Care Award)

For this week in my care award I chose to work on the Aretha Franklin respect song. In my DLO I have put two photo of Aretha Franklin. I have write some of the information about Aretha Franklin and when is born and where she from. Aretha Franklin is a American singer. Most of the people like songs. This is a DLO about Aretha Franklin respect song.

Thursday, 3 November 2016


For the last couple of weeks we have been learning about godwit's with Mrs Anderson. Our topic for this term is flight.  I learned that the Godwit can fly for 7 to 9 days, they can fly from New Zealand to Alaska with stopping half way in  Pyongyang, Korea where they eat lots to get their energy for the rest of the flight. When we are researching we have to write keywords to help us remember information.

Wednesday, 2 November 2016


Great work to Latham, Sylis, Daniel, Reon and Jasmine for completed a movie.  Everyone have fun watching you all movie and contributing in it. Hope you could win the movie.