Friday, 10 March 2017


Why My Blog Is Unique

A blog is a website where other people can see my work. My blog is unique because other people can see my work that I have posted in the many years I have been in Panmure Bridge school.

My blog journey began in 2014 and since then I have shared my work with the world over 296 times all over the world! I share my learning with the world almost everyday. When I post something on my blog, I add a blurb and label the blog post before posting it.

I share my work all over the world, this means I have to have high standards. Each post has a blurb that tells people what I have been learning about. I label each post so that my work is easy to find. For example if I post a poem, I label the post “writing”, my name, and “poem”. This makes it easier for people to access my blog post. There is also a comment section where people put feedback and feed forward.

When you post a blog post, you can comment underneath some feedback or feed forward. This helps me because I can improve in my next blog post. I love reading each comment because it has a list sometimes of each thing that I did right or a good job on.

My blog is different to other people because it is a timeline of my learning journey since I was in year five. The best part of my blog is that it can never be lost or thrown away. I have a goal of 500 blog posts by the end of the year.

Last week my writing group started  learning how to write  Explanation. We were learning how to write an Explanation. I know that Explanation first we need a title,Introduction,Paragraphs of important points in order and for the last one it is Conclusion. For this work Explanation writing I work with Ma'ata. I think I still needed to work on my Paragraphs.

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